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Bee Boxes Gift Set

Bee Boxes Gift Set


A reusable hinged wooden box with a bee and honeycomb motif, colorful filler and a coordinating ribbon and bow to complete presentation.  Contains five 4 oz hexagon-shaped jars.  Selection may vary slightly depending on availability of specific flavors.

  1. Variety: One each jelly, fruit butter, jam, raw honey and creamed honey
  2. Fruit Butters: Our 4 delicious fruit butters and one raw local honey
  3. Jam: One each of our five most popular jams
  4. Jelly: One each of our five most popular jellies
  5. Creamed Honey: One each of our most popular creamed honey flavors
  6. Pepper Jelly: One each of our pepper jelly creations
  7. Jam & Jelly Combo: selection of 5 jams & jellies
  8. Mustard & Salsa Combo: 3 honey mustards and 2 small salsas


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