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A History of It's All About Bees! Wendy & Margi Fletcher.

1930's: Fletcher beekeeping history actually dates back to the 1930's when Margi's Grandfather Rexroat, a "jack of all trades", kept his bees in Homer, Nebraska. Sugar rationing during World War II created an even bigger demand for honey.

1940's: Meanwhile Margi's other Grandfather, Pete Madison, had a produce farm by Dakota City, Nebraska and a store where they sold anything they could grow, catch or hunt.  Homemade baked goods, jams and pickles lined the shelves as well.

1972: The Fletcher's started beekeeping. Four families together bought an existing commercial migratory beekeeping operation in Storm Lake, Iowa and moved headquarters several times over the years, but settled in Omaha, Nebraska which has always been "home".

2000 We started to make and sell products made from honey and beeswax, developing our own recipes with reduced sugars and formulas using natural ingredients.  While trying to make jam with honey, there was a lot of "fruit soup" and syrup the first few years! To maintain homemade taste and texture, we still make everything by hand using traditional methods and sell our products at farmers markets and craft shows in the Omaha area. 

2004: We finally found our commercial kitchen, formerly a pizza place in Peel's Park Drive Plaza in Ralston, NE.  When people started showing up, knocking at the door, we opened our first gift shop.  Since most of the space was used for making our products, the shop was about 8 feet square.  Later we were able to expand into a larger space in the plaza.   

2013: Wendy got her own bees!  Working alongside her dad Curt for so many years prepared her for a strong start.  When her father passed away in 2014, several local commercial beekeepers who had known Curt reached out to her and have provided invaluable support & mentoring.

2014: We expanded again, tripling the size of our shop.  We are now enjoying our new space, filling it with a wide variety of bee-themed merchandise (basically anything with a bee on it).  In addition to our homemade food and body care products, you can find practical, affordable gifts: cups, honey pots, key chains, books, tea towels, bags, toys, baskets, and tea accessories, just to name a few.  And of course, we sell tea to go with many kinds of honey that we make. 

Present: At "It's All About Bees!" we constantly strive to bring our communities new products, as well as keep the constants that we've grown to know, and love! You can always find the best healthy LOCAL HONEY and honey products, along with just about anything you can ever wish for, bee speaking that is! Stop in and say hello, browse our store...you'll BEE HAPPY you did!


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